Apex Legends Scrims

Apex Legends is a brand new Battle Royale game that took the world by storm and got 10 million players in just 3 days!

Without doubt Apex Legends is going to go into esports, and with this, bring a lot of competitive players to the game.

So how to competitive players practice? Usually they do this with scrims. Scrim is short for scrimmage, with is an abbreviation of a skirmish. The short explanation is that it is just a practice match. In Battle Royale, scrims are used to get better at the game by playing against other competitive players and to practice for tournaments.

How do I join Apex Legends scrims?

To join scrims in Apex Legends, currently you have to join a Discord server.

There are not that many as we know of at the moment, but this is one of them: Join Apex Legends scrim Discord server.