Discord Servers

Discord Servers with scrims, pro scrims, and custom games.

Each server has individual rules you must follow.

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Name Platform Regions Requirements Members Link
ProSettings Scrims All All None +180,000 Join Server
NA PC Scrims PC NA East + NA West None +50,000 Join Server
EU PC Scrims PC Europe None +40,000 Join Server
OCE PC Scrims PC Oceania/Asia None +10,000 Join Server
Fortnite Console Scrims Xbox + PlayStation Europe + NA + Oceania None +65,000 Join Server
YoGaming.com All All None +35,000 Join Server
Tfault Scrims PC NA Subscribe to Tfue +37,000 See requirements
Atlantis Scrims PC NA East Verify and link your EPIC games account +150,000 Join Discord Server