Custom Games – Fortnite

If you ever wondered what Fortnite custom games were, we will explain it in this guide. The topics we will cover is Fortnite customs, custom games, private games, custom servers, custom matches, custom scrims, custom pro scrims, what a custom matchmaking key is (custom keys & custom codes) and how to get into custom games.

What are custom games?

Simply put it, custom games in Fortnite are games where everyone in the lobby is invited via a custom key. A custom key is also called a custom matchmaking key or a custom code and is currently only obtainable through the game developer (EPIC Games).

This way everyone in the server is invited to the game, instead of coming from a random queue like in normal games/lobbies.

What can custom keys be used for?

There are many potential uses for custom matchmaking keys. People can host private tournaments, host custom scrims, pro players can have private pro scrims, streamers can have private matches with viewers and so on.

How to get into custom games?

Right now there is no way to get into custom games or get a custom matchmaking key. EPIC Games has personally invited competitive players to play in customs, but hopefully, they will release custom keys to the whole community in the future.

Since we have not heard an official statement from the Fortnite developers, we can only wait and see what the future will bring. It would be welcoming news if larger communities, especially competitive communities would get access to custom games.